Business of the Month – November

Two Dragons Martial Arts and Physical Fitness

(626) 398-8853

November’s Business of the Month is Two Dragons Martial Arts and Physical Fitness, located at 2490 N. Lake Avenue. Two Dragons had been in business for 18 years in Pasadena before relocating to Altadena in March of this year.

Shelene Hearring, owner of Two Dragons,  has over 30 years of training in martial arts and has attained the level of “Master” in the art of Chaun Shu, a form of Chinese martial arts. While she originally began martial arts for self-defense and physical fitness reasons, it ultimately became her life service when she realized how vast the art was. We spoke with Shelene about her business:


Shelene Hearring

Can you tell us a bit about what you have to offer to the community?

We offer complete martial arts and physical fitness programs for students of all ages, from 3 to adult. Some of the programs we offer include Little Dragons for ages 3-6), and a complete blackbelt program through the senior level.

Specifically, blackbelt programs teach Chinese Kempo, Northern Silum, Classical Asian Weapons Training, and Tai-Chi Chuan, which, despite its reputation, is not just for seniors! It offers a low impact form of exercise that strengthens, stretches, and gives a good workout. It also alleviates stress and offers various health benefits.

We also have an after school martial arts academy, a senior stretch and wellness class, personal training, and women’s self-defense.

Martial arts offer a balanced physical fitness program for people of all ages. For kids, the focus is on developmental skills. As they get older, we work on self-confidence and character building. For everyone, the benefits are not just physical, they’re mental as well. One thing that people don’t think about when they think about martial arts is that it develops relationships in the community with everybody. People from all walks of life come together and share in something they enjoy doing. This creates bonds and a cohesiveness between different people who come together to do something together that they enjoy.

What have you noticed about the community of Altadena?

It is a different feel here. The Altadena community has more of a hometown feel – the people and the businesses seem to take pride and interest in what is happening in their community. It seems like they are more aware of their community. More than anything, I have the feeling that the community and the people of Altadena have more of a family and connectedness kind of feel.

What are you most proud of?

While I take pride in everything I do, I think one of the things i take most pride in is that i tend to over-service. I love to make sure that everyone gets what they need. I enjoy that because I have a business that offers positive change in everybody’s lives. When they come here, they may have something they want to improve, or a specific goal in mind, and it’s my job to service them and give them what they need. I have a job where I can help them in a way that they can get what they need and meet their goals. They create a positive change in their own lives.

I have found what my purpose in life is, and that is bringing joy into the lives of others by helping them accomplish their goals. This is the reason that I have done this for so long and that I will continue doing this for the rest of my life. I am truly blessed to be doing something that I want to do – it gives back ten times more than I could possibly give. I could do this forever!

What message would you like to communicate to Altadena?

Get in here and get in shape! When people get mentally and physically fit, they are going to have much more balance and joy out of life in general. That will create a sense of well-being for them. I believe that I have something to offer to everybody in the community. I welcome everyone to come in and see how we can help you create balance in your lives.


Shelene Hearring with her “Little Dragons”