Altadena Town Council Elections – June 5

You really do not realize how much time you spend volunteering in your community until you take a few steps back. I would like to fully commend all of our community volunteers who have unselfishly given their time to make our community a better place.

Census Tract 4602

On that note, I fully endorse Hon. Okorie Ezieme for Census Tract 4602. He is the only candidate and acting Council Member who has stood up against the status quo and stood for just and fair representation in our community.  He is the only Council Member who has supported our first community program to honor our students and teachers. When I was in the deepest battles with the Altadena Town Council, he was the only member who fully supported without waiver.  We must re-elect him and others in our community like him such as Brent Musson and Dwight Equitz. Please see his flyer at the bottom of this page.

Census Tract 4610

I’ve known Brent Musson for over 20 years, and when I was planning to attend UC Berkeley as a teenager, he was the mentor with whom I was going to stay on campus during my senior visit. At the last minute, I chose to attend Morehouse College instead. To say the least, we need great, new, and innovative minds who can bring fresh ideas to our community. I fully support Brent in his effort to gain position on the Altadena Town Council. He has always been creative and on the cutting edge. He would be a breath of fresh air as an Altadena Town Council Member. Please encourage anyone in Census Tract 4610 to vote. He is in a tough race against a long rooted opponent.

Census Tract 4601

I fully support Dwight Equitz and his willingness to represent our community and to be a fair representative of the people. He is in the toughest race of all, because he is also running against a deep-rooted opponent. If you know anyone who lives in Census Tract 4601, please encourage them to vote as well.

The election will take place on Saturday, June 5th at the following locations from 9AM – 3PM:

  • Gordy’s Garage – 843 W Woodbury Rd.
  • Altadena Senior Center – 560 E Mariposa St.
  • Farnsworth Park – 568 E Mt. Curve Ave., parking lot SE corner
  • Ralphs Market – 2270 Lake Ave.
  • S&J Automotive – 1904 New York Drive (New York & Allen)
  • Dickson Podley Real Estate – 1471  E. Altadena Dr.

Each and every vote is extremely important in our local election. You do not have to be a registered voter to vote, only proof of name and residency. The best way to bring about change is to vote for people who want to bring change.

If you do not know which Census Tract in which you reside, you can reference the map here:

The Altadena Community Student/Teacher of the Month Program has concluded its first year of awards. In conclusion, we awarded 58 students and 36 teachers, for a total of 94 people, in our community in six schools. We would like to thank the community and all of our participating business sponsors for their support in improving our local schools. In all due honesty, it was not an easy task. It had many challenges from places you least expect. You wouldn’t expect to be challenged for volunteering your time and trying to encourage students and teachers in the community.

If the PUSD allows this program to continue for the next school year, we need volunteers to ensure that the program can continue. We need assistance with contacting businesses, giving awards, coordinating with principals, etc. Please e-mail me if you are, or know someone who is, interested in participating.

Always remember, as quoted on the Student/Teacher of the Month T-shirts, that every dream can be accomplished if you believe.