Altadena Town Council

The only thing that the Altadena Town Council seems to get done is to make rules that further disenfranchise the community. Is this the type of leadership we want? Are these the types of examples we want to set for the future? Make up your own rules as you go? Although I’m very flattered and find it quite laughable that the Altadena Town Council has proposed a rule to prevent me from running for office again, the bigger issue is that they are further disenfranchising the community.

They should not be allowed, with the support of Supervisor Michael Antonovich, to continue parading as the leadership of Altadena over some 46,000 citizens.

Is the Council so afraid of people who oppose them that they must propose rules to further restrict potential Council Members?

The bigger issue is, how can you expect anything just to be done in Altadena when we have a Council that clearly makes up rules as it goes without caring to provide any transparency? From the cell tower, to the restriping of Lake, the Lincoln Crossing project, the Monte Cedro project, and the proposed Altadena School District – the Town Council holds influence in these decisions as an advisory board to the Supervisor himself. If Altadena Town Council’s hand is in it, you have to really pay attention to what’s being recommended to the Supervisor, as he gives good faith to their recommendations.

Here’s the big question:
Why would a private group of citizens go through such great lengths if they held no power or influence? If it holds no influence, then why does it exist?

My answer: Supervisor Antonovich is perhaps the most powerful politician in this region. He has served our community in this position since 1980. Perhaps to be within an earshot of him is all the power you need. They hold indirect power.

Ultimately, it’s our responsibility to make sure that powers given to our elected officials who represent our community are not abused.

These proposed changes will be discussed at the Town Council meeting this Tuesday at 7 PM in the Altadena Community Center.